Private Sessions, Support Groups, Seminars


Elizabeth Kovacevich

For over 40 years, I have been helping my clients to discover new ways to deal with their problems and to begin thriving rather than merely surviving their lives. My greatest strength is moving people from crisis to change. My openness and forthright style with clients provide the opportunity for personal growth, change and understanding. My style is primarily interactive. I view therapy as an educational as well as therapeutic experience.

I love working with people in all stages and ages of their lives and I welcome you to my practice.

I support my clients not only in developing long lasting practical solutions to deal with their daily issues and struggles but also in developing new and creative strategies to ensure deep, meaningful and long lasting success in their relationships and personal and professional lives. My broad experience and clinical expertise serve to meet your needs!

  • Divorce Recovery
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Self Love Camp
  • Life Transitions & Wisdom
  • Spirituality as Transformation
  • Finding Your Authentic Self
  • Support Group Seminars

Pre-Marital Counseling:

In these sessions, we examine inventories that cover major relationship issues a couple may experience. The therapist facilitates the discussion between the couple and explores relationship strengths and growth areas. The couple learns assertive and active listening skills, how to resolve conflict and develop boundaries.

Couples • Family • Individual • Counseling:
In these sessions, the therapist serves as a coach who helps one achieve healthy communication with the self and then each member of the family. If you relate as a healthy individual to self and family, you can have healthy relationships elsewhere, create positive, caring family dynamics and maintain a strong sense of self.

Children’s Counseling:
In these sessions the therapist may use many techniques, such as art therapy or sand trays, that yield effective and timely results for child development, helping the child find the skills they need to reach their maximum potential. I strive to continually think out of the box and strive for innovative techniques that ultimately improve the way families live. I empower parents by involving them in the process.

Reclaiming Your Authentic Self through Thera-Painting
Have you ever wondered who you really are beneath the myriad folds of time, life experience and roles??? Let’s use the magic of art, poetry and prose to discover not only who we are deep within ourselves but also to support ourselves in becoming who we have always dreamed of being. Let’s free ourselves from our past narratives and come alive to our authentic selves using the tools of psychotherapy and creative expression! Schedule to be determined based on needs of group members. Thera-Painting is a unique therapeutic approach developed by Elizabeth as an alternative to traditional psychotherapy.

Group or individual sessions are also available via Skype or Zoom.

Please call 831-425-3456 or use our contact form, or click on  News to find out about support groups or upcoming webinars.